Designed for You

Located on the north side of Midlothian Turnpike, just west of Winterfield Road, this mixed-use project is conveniently located and will serve as a place for people of all ages looking to shop, work, dine and relax. Located in an area of the county that is a destination for commerce, Winterfield Crossing will draw upon the history of Midlothian, as well as the vision for its future. The “village-like” feel is achieved with neighborhood-scale development, quality finishes and its unique ability to connect all aspects of the project, while mirroring a design style similar to the Midlothian Village.

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Designed for Managed Growth

Tucked in along the north side of Midlothian Turnpike, the Winterfield Crossing is an example of responsible development that allows the County to manage growth in the area. Our project will help increase the tax base of the county, while placing no additional burden on our schools. The proposed project reduces the size and scale of what is currently permitted on the site and places a priority on walkability and and fostering a village feel

Designed for Beauty

Using a variety of plantings, including a continuous hedgerow of varying widths along Midlothian Turnpike, will add visual appeal to the project. The development will have landscaping and ornamental features installed across the entire property, and will be meticulously maintained. A combination of evergreens and deciduous trees will be used to provide color, shade, visual screening and foliage all year round.

Planned for Connectivity

Our walkable development will encourage patrons to walk from their residences to the retail or office space. Wide sidewalks and crosswalks along Winterfield Road and Midlothian Turnpike will lead to paths that meander through the development, creating connectivity between residences, businesses, shops and restaurants. And if exercise is your goal, the paths combine to give you a total of more than four miles of walking.

Designed for Accessibility

With this development some long-awaited improvements will be completed along Midlothian Turnpike. Entrances to Winterfield Crossing will have necessary left and/or right turn lanes for each access. As part of the project, the developer is picking up the full cost of traffic signalization, as determined by the Transportation Department.

Intended for Relaxation

Used in conjunction with sidewalks and walking paths, the landscape also plays a leading role in creating pedestrian nodes – or “pocket parks” – for relaxing on a bench or strolling while enjoying an ice cream cone.

Built for a Village Feel

In an effort to have a walkable-scale development, we are installing parallel parking spaces where possible. Unlike other developments, we are avoiding building large-scale parking decks and lots because we want our residents and visitors to appreciate the intimate feel of this exciting new village community.

Inspired by History

Winterfield Crossing’s design and architecture are inspired by historic buildings in the region. Located in close proximity to the Mid-lothian Mines Park, the area has ties to Tredegar Iron Works in Downtown Richmond. Winterfield Crossing draws on this connection and incorporates similar architectural details to give the entire project a post-industrial style, while incorporating the 21st Century amenities that millennials, young families and empty-nesters all demand.

Committed To Quality

With an eye toward detail, we are investing in high-quality materials and architectural designs, high-end lighting and beautiful landscaping to create a community you want to come back to again and again. The new development will exceed County development standards.

Created for Midlothian

Winterfield Crossing brings together retail, commercial and entertainment services in a village-like environment. Its architecture and style is similar to Midlothian Village and other high-end developments in Midlothian. In keeping with the style of Midlothian Village, decorative gooseneck street lights will be installed throughout the development and in particular along Midlothian Turnpike.

Our Architectural Inspiration

View some of the local inspiration that helped shape Winterfield Crossing, or download our Design Book.