To Our Neighbors:

When we began planning Winterfield Crossing our foremost thought was, would we like to live or shop there? At Blackwood Development Company, we strive to design communities that maintain the neighborhood feel of the surrounding area – and Midlothian is an area we like to think we know a little something about. Our company is a twenty-eight-year-old family-run, Chesterfield-based business committed responsible development across Central Virginia. We are developing Winterfield Crossing because we want to build a showcase project in our backyard and want to give our friends and families a gorgeous place to live, work and be entertained. Incorporating local history, pedestrian-friendly features and small-scale design, we have designed a village-like environment that will be enjoyed by everyone, from Millennials to senior citizens.

In addition to job creation through retail, restaurant and entertainment services, we are confident that Winterfield Crossing will be an economic boost for the Midlothian area. We will strive to create a welcoming business environment for local restaurants and locally-owned businesses. In addition to the real estate tax revenue generated from our $45 million project, we are committed to paying our fair share of proffers.

We believe that Winterfield Crossing is an exciting project that fits perfectly into the Midlothian area. Over multiple years (and admittedly through some trials and errors), we have painstakingly worked to incorporate the suggestions and recommendations of the neighboring citizens, county officials and professional staff to come up with a development that keeps Chesterfield County moving forward while still preserving the charm and character of The Village. We believe our designs reflect what the community wants – a walkable, residential and commercial community built for a growing Midlothian. I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the project and to see some of the history and architecture that inspired our design. We also welcome your feedback which you can give by emailing us at

Our entire company is proud of this project, and I hope you will join us in supporting this exciting community.

Thank you,

Willis P. Blackwood